Photo of the grave of UNKNOWN PHILLIPS


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Age at Death:  
Bodley have "#99 name: PHILLIPS .... year: age: 5 location: 3d 1.1 type: Cross Inscription fairly legible occupants: 1". It's clearly wasn't very legible, otherwise the full name and year would be captured. And it not better for the additional 30 years. We can however be confident this is the grave they surveyed.

OFHS have:
- 1816 23 Jan PHILIPS Eliza Cumnor 2 mns
- 1817 14 Apr PHILLIPS Mary Cumnor 25 yrs <<< is it this one, and the Bodley survey misread the "25"?
- 1869 25 Jan PHILIPPS Emily Cumnor (Bean ? Wood) 3 wks
- 1896 23 Jan PHILLIPS ? Alfred Chawley, Cumnor 11 mns
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