Photo of the grave of ANN RICHARDS


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{foot-stone for James & Ann Richards}

J*R 1838
The sudden death took me away so soon
Which caused my morning sun to set at noon
Think nothing strange death happens unto all
My lot to day tomorrow thine may fall.

A*R 1838
Afflications sore long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain,
Till God did please to give me ease,
And free me from all pain.


Death:   1838
Age at Death:  
Buried:   1838
Foot-stone for James & Ann Richards.

Appears wrongly transcribed in the Bodley church survey. This grave is the next one due north of JAM LEAVER.
#206 name: R... I ... year: 1838 age: location: 4f 9.4 type: Headstone Inscription legible occupants: 1
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Also present in this grave is: